The design and decoration of the rooms in the ANEMI HOTEL, as well as the shared interior and exterior spaces, were carried out with great care, enthusiasm and inspiration by the Greek company STAGEDESIGNOFFICE , under the personal supervision of its managing director, Stavros Papagiannis, who is renowned for his work in Greece and abroad. So, ANEMI has its unique total look as well as a coherent style – two attributes which in themselves set it apart from other design hotels in Greece.

The principal idea was to create fresh aesthetic features that would be both sophisticated and refined so as to instantly arouse the interest of the visitor who recognises the value of spatial elegance and is looking for something new and stimulating. At the same time, however, with the same ease and immediacy, we wished to highlight the provenance of these aesthetic features, which are to be found in traditional Aegean decoration.

In other words, the ANEMI style is a game in which a balance has been achieved between two fine though opposing tendencies, the result being the simple unadorned character of the traditional combined with discreet luxury. One could say the ANEMI style puts forward a new interpretation of what makes up the celebrated Greek Style, with the aim of descending from the purely rustic plane and settling in the realm of carefree elegance with all the pleasurable comforts that implies.


The ANEMI is a member of DESIGN HOTELSTM – a ‘club’, to which belong more than 250 hotels in different countries around the world. What they all have in common is that their owners are acknowledged ‘visionaries’ in their field. Each in his own distinct way is innovative when it comes to the services and care provided, so that a stay at one of the hotels that belong to the DESIGN HOTELSTM is a truly novel experience. At the same time, the hotels that belong to DESIGN HOTELSTM stand out both for the aesthetic quality of their architectural composition as well as the pioneering design of the interior decoration.