Greek cuisine is the heart of the Mediterranean diet. It is renowned for its variety of dishes and its predilection for simple healthy ingredients, such as olive oil, vegetables, pulses, fish, fruit and an array of different aromatic herbs. In Lure Seafood Restaurant we are ardent devotees of the simplicity that defines the procedures of Greek cuisine. Therefore we always make a point of turning it into a new experience for our customers, mainly thanks to the energy derived from the freshness of the local products we use in our dishes. The vitality that comes from the island’s fine herb aromas and tastes is unmatched as well as the taste of the fish and seafood straight from the fisherman’s catch cannot be compared to anything one has experienced before. We are extremely proud of our traditional hors d’oeuvres. It is, after all, their feast of colour that adds allure and magic to every Greek table. The variety of textures and aromas provides yet another element of pleasure.

However, we do not wish to allow our devotion to tradition restrict us when creating our dishes. On the contrary, we are just as interested in uncovering new elements that exist in the spectrum of Greek cuisine. For that reason, our menu includes many proposals that take gastronomic experience to the realm of unanticipated originality, though we continue to rely on the high quality and richness of locally produced ingredients. Our gastronomic quest does not end with hors d’oeuvres, which as a rule are the first dishes served during a traditional Greek meal. We choose the main dishes with the same care and attention. Our preference here is for meat, poultry and fish, always purchased from our trusted suppliers. Everything elegantly presented and exquisitely cooked aims to be an unforgettable experience. Chef of Lure Seafood Restaurant is Michail Birtsios.


It may be small in size, but it is rather selective! The idea is to be able to acquaint our guests with the best of contemporary Greek wines, which in recent years have reached very high standards of quality and gained enthusiastic connoisseurs all around the world. Naturally, all our wines are selected to complement the gastronomic creations of our restaurant. Furthermore, our cellar has some labels of the finest quality for those wishing to open a superior bottle of wine in order to celebrate a special occasion.


Lunch: 12:00-19:00
Dinner: 20:00-23:00



The only ingredient that we proudly import to the island is our own exceptional virgin olive oil, Andelea.

Andelea by far exceeds the quality of most olive oils in the category of exceptional virgin olive oil. It is produced from olives that are 100% of the Koroneiki variety.It is velvety to the touch, has superb aromas and has a high percentage of tocopherol (vitamin E), which is contained in Greek olive oil. Its healing qualities are attributed to this. The most important of all is that it is delicious. By itself, without any need for further ingredients, it can make a wonderful dressing!

For more information regarding Andelea olive oil, you can visit the following site: www.andelea.gr