• HOCHLIDIA AT KARABOSTASI It is the nearest beach to the hotel. Just 300 metres away. It has pebbles and clear water. Near Karavostasi – the quiet charming port of the island is of particular interest to tourists, as it is the traditional settlement – there are three more interesting beaches: Pountaki, Vitsentzou and Latinaki.

  • KATERGO Everyone agrees that it is the most beautiful beach on the island. It has pebbles with sand and crystal clear water. It can only be reached by caique on one of the daily trips from Karavostasi. However, for those who enjoy hiking, there is a path that leads there. There is neither a canteen nor a beach bar, nor even natural shade at Katergo, so it is a good idea to bring everything you need with you.

  • ANGALI It is a relatively small sandy beach on the way from the Chora to Ano Meria. It has a number of tavernas and coffee shops and is quite busy in August. From Angali one can also take a path to Galifo and Fira, which are just ten minutes away on foot. Otherwise, one can take a small boat from Angali to the beaches of Aghios Nikolas and Livadaki, and also to the small bay of Ambeli, which has pebbles and stones but also very lovely water and is on the whole protected from the wind.

  • AGHIOS GEORGIOS It is a large beach facing the summer winds. However, many people prefer its magnificent water and it can be reached by car (along a dirt track road), and also because it is situated in a totally uninhabited area.

  • VOREINA It is probably the quietest beach on the island. However, it is very beautiful. Those who like Voreina usually enjoy the walk along the paths that lead to it.

  • CHRYSOSPILIA It is an impressive natural monument – a cave, at about 30 metres above sea level and not easy to reach (access is only possibly by boat). In the cave are stalactite formations and cisterns built during the Roman period as well as other archaeological remains dating back to before and after this period. The most important, however, are the inscriptions dating from late antiquity on the walls of the cave with the names of teenagers, a fact that suggests that the cave was associated with initiation and coming of age rituals, for which boys came from all over Greece to Chrysospilia.

  • THE CHURCH OF THE ASSUMPTION It is considered the most important sight on the island. It can be reached along a cobbled path from the Chora. It was discovered that the church was built on the site of an ancient temple and that many pieces from the original temple were used in its construction.

  • ANO MERIA It is the agricultural settlement of the island, where most of the permanent inhabitants live. It is situated in the most fertile area of the island and has an impressive view from the village over the surrounding areas of farmland. Ano Meria has also got a very interesting Folk Museum where, thanks to its exhibits, one can imagine what farm life was like on Folegandros in days gone by.


Folegandros is a small island located next to Santorini and in the centre of the southerwestern Cyclades, near Ios, Milos, Sifnos and Myconos. Its natural beauty is monumental, exactly as that of Santorini, thanks to its rocky coastline, with its almost sheer cliffs with two dazzling white villages that look as if they are reposing on the edge of the precipice. However, it is unfair to compare Folegandros with Santorini! Because Folegandros has its own distinct character, which makes it unique and thus ‘unrivalled’. It is a mountainous island, with peaks reaching over 200 metres, the tallest being 455 metres. They look even higher because of the steep inclines of the slopes.

Mainly due to the morphology of the terrain, Folegandros has remained practically unspoiled. And not just by tourism. It has remained unspoiled by its own inhabitants, who have lived here since ancient times. It is them who, first and foremost, show love and respect for their island – two emotions that are passed down from generation to generation.

The island’s road network has only begun to develop in the last fifteen years and still remains fairly limited. However, it is sufficient for those who like hiking and are interested in discovering the island’s natural beauty, which is stunning because of its wild untamed character, but also on account of its incredible serenity and harmony. For these reasons, those who know the island are not surprised by the fact that Folegandros is listed among the 7 most beautiful villages in Europe!

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Private Transfer Anemihotels Group is happy to arrange your transfer before and after your visit in Folegandros. As soon as you will provide to us the details of your travel, we will reserve for you private transfers between the port and the airport of Athens. Additionaly, private boat or helicopter transfers from and towards other islands can be arranged upon request. 

From Piraeus by boat Piraeus is the port of departure to Folegandros. It is closest to the largest Greek airport, the International Airport of Athens, Eleftherios Venizelos. The service to Folegandros is quite frequent, either by ferry or high speed boat. The journey by ferry takes about 6 hours, depending on the number of calls it makes to other islands on the way. The journey by high speed boat takes about 3.5 hours.

From Santorini by boat The international airport of Santorini is the closest one to Folegandros. There are boats daily to and from Santorini, including a high speed once a day that takes about one hour.

From Mykonos by boat Mykonos has also an international airport and frequent connections to Folegandros. See the ferries routes

Getting to Folegandros by helicopter Flights available from Athens, Santorini and Myconos. Our guests reach the heliport on Folegandros, where they are picked up by the hotel bus. The hotel ANEMI can organise the journey by helicopter to Folegandros on your behalf. For more information please contact us.


Folegandros is connected to the islands of Mykonos, Milos, Sifnos, Serifos, Ios, Naxos, Koufonisia, Amorgos and Sikinos. The connection is made by conventional or high speed boats. Similarly, the transport to other islands can be organized by helicopter. For any further arrangements, please contact us.





The climate on Folegandros is especially dry and almost ¾ of the days of the year are sunny. Another characteristic of the climate on Folegandros is the annual local winds – the meltemia! Thanks to them, summer on Folegandros is cool.


There are no banks as such on Folegandros, but there are two ATMs: Alpha Bank and Greek Post Bank